About Us

Major League Raving is a lifestyle brand Irene & I created as a tribute to our love of the house music scene. We fell in love with it back in 2000 when we were still teenagers (and eurotrance was all the rage). Fast forward 15 years, house music has become more popular than ever and continues to be an enormous influence in our lives. We've gone to dozens of life changing shows and festivals and have met so many people who have inspired us through their unique stories, creativity and individuality. Their optimistic outlook on life and undying passion for the music has helped shape the values we hold dear to us.

We created MLR as an outlet of creativity for us and for others who want to stand out in the crowds. We strive to create apparel that communicates to dance music fans in a positive and meaningful way. We want to build a brand that embraces the core values and passion of the dance community - because our scene takes raving and celebrating life to a whole new level. We are Major League Ravers.

We would absolutely love to hear about your experiences and how dance music has changed your life for the better. Send us your stories to kirk@majorleagueraving.com or tag us on Instagram @majorleagueraving and we may request to feature you on our blog/Instagram. Hope to hear from you!


- Kirk & Irene

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