Discover Music

One of our main motivations in creating this brand is to bring passionate electronic music fans together and create a community where we can all share each other's amazing musical discoveries, both old and new. There is so much music out there to consume - literally years worth - that is left undiscovered by many.

We created this Discover Music section to compile our friends' and fans' hidden gems and most favorite "underground" tracks. We categorized music by genre as well as a couple specially curated playlists, such as Rise & Grind (good music to wake up / get ready to), Travel/Commute (good to throw on for long drives or work commutes), and Space Music (music that will literally take you to another planet lol). We encourage everyone to shuffle through these playlists - we promise that you'll find quality electronic music in here that you probably have never heard. You may even find your new favorite (or multiple favorite) songs here. You'll always find something new too, because we update these playlists daily. Feel free to follow us on SoundCloud for easier access to our playlists on the go. 

Happy findings!